Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River
Fishing with fly and light tackle on the flats
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Summer Time on the FlatsAction,
Charters w/ Capt Mark Thomas  

July was good early morning fishing but by mid morning, the fish started the old cat and mouse game. There were many opportunities to catch fish but the fish did not seem interested. The combination of heavy fishing pressure and lots of bait in the water led to some tough days on the water. Despite the tough days, my charter guest caught redfish up into the high forty-inch range and many trout in the high twenties.
The North Indian River and South Mosquito Lagoon continue to produce over size redfish and awesome trout. The hot days of July will continue into August. September leads to the beginning of fall bite, when the fish really start to feed hard on the late run of mullet in preparation of winter.
August and September will produce excellent action fish the middle flats during the early morning and the deeper edges and drop offs in the late morning. The afternoon bite this time of year can be as good as the morning but the window of opportunity is less as darkness will begin to come earlier every day.
Live and dead bait will continue to be what brings the fish to the boat but artificial lures work just as well on the right day. I recommend locating fish with artificial and if they decide plastic should not be on the menu switch to bait. Redfish and trout do not often pass up a well-presented shrimp.
The fly caster will continue to pursue his quarry early working hard not to loose, any chance of sinking a little hook in a big mouth. Long leaders, lighter fly lines and smaller flies will in crease that chance for a hookup. Shrimp and crab patterns will be the flies of choice for a tailing redfish, minnow patterns will work best for those big trout snaking on the top.

Tip of month:During the summer heat, reduce the size of your tackle and lure down to the minimum in order to make that long cast and light presentation. This may work on those days were a drop in the bucket is too loud. Remember do not keep your fish out of the water any longer than it takes to snap a picture, revive your fish to full strength before releasing them. 

I hope this report will make your next fishing trip a more successful one......
Tight Lines,
Capt Mark Thomas
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